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Artist: Tirfee Abarraa
Title: Haa Ta'u Jaalalli Isaa
Artist: Ebeenezer
Title: Kan Siin Qabaate, Waan Hundaa Qaba!
Artist: Maqaa Faarfatootaa
Title: Namni Waaqayyoo Qabaa Waan Huundumaa Beeka
Artist: Gammachiis Waaqgaarii
Title: Mul'atichi Soba Miti
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And the LORD will take away from thee all sickness... - Deuteronomy 7:15

Sep 06, 2010
The United Oromo Evangelical Churches (UOEC) held its 13th annual council meeting July 28 30, 2010 in Portland, Oregon and elected The Rev. Dr. Gemechu Olana to be the president of the union. Rev.  Gemechu Olana was a graduate of Mekane Yesus Theological Seminary in Ethiopia and after his graduation he was selected to teach in the same seminary because of his excellent academic standing. He then moved to Germany where he successfully completed his PhD in Contextual Theology studies. Rev. Gemechu is currently serving as pastor for the Oromo church in Los Angeles.
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Sep 06, 2010
The conference opened officially as scheduled on Thursday, July 29 at 6:00P.M. After welcoming all those in attendance Brother Worku Sado, president of the host church, invited Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba, President of the Union, to officially open the 15th UOEC Annual Conference.
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Jul 03, 2010
Union of Evangelical Oromo Churches in Europe (UOECE), a continental umbrella organization aimed at fostering unity among Oromo churches, fellowships and congregations scattered in Europe, has been established.

The establishment of UOECE was declared at the end of a four-day revival conference held in Frankfurt, Germany, May 13-16, 2010.

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Oct 02, 2009
The communion of African Lutheran Churches across North America is in full participation on this convocation with deep gratitude to God. In such a very distressing, shocking and confusing time for all of our churches we are deeply grateful to God who has never abandoned his beloved church and who offers us this resurrection experience of renewed life in Christ through this convocation. We are also grateful for the leaders of movements such as Word Alone, Lutheran Core and Lutheran Churches in Mission for Christ for their persistent and enduring leadership in season and out of season to stand for our common witness.Read more

Jan 14, 2007
At this juncture I call upon all Oromo churches to join us in an intense and fervent prayer as we move to carry out such a monumental task. As called and commissioned people of God we are compelled by the values and traditions of our faith to act. As I conclude writing this document the words of Mordecai comes to my mind from the book of Esther 4:13, … Read more

Jan 14, 2007
African Religions and Philosophy is a direct analytical and scholarly engagement with traditional concepts and practices in those societies, which have not been either Christian or Muslim in any deep way, prior to the colonial era in Africa... Read more
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